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Kicking fear in the pants! Video Included!

Had a blast last night singing a few songs at Alexandre's! Kimberly Billins-Oliver, thanks for hosting the cast of "The Secret Garden".... it was so wonderful to sing in such a supportive environment, and it was so great to hear so many of my friends and cast-mates sing as well!! Thanks also to Adam Wright who made us all look good from the keyboard without a minute of rehearsal time! I didn't get a full song recorded, but here are a few clips from one song I sang, "Another Life" from Bridges of Madison County.**

Also, another plug, you still have 4 chances to see The Secret Garden this weekend at Brick Road Theatre in Plano! for tickets

**Backstory: 1) I have a lot of anxiety about singing in public. Well, really anything that puts me in the center of attention, even for a few minutes. (I realize this is ironic given my career in theatre. It may actually be what drives me to do theatre. But that is a story for another day). Too often I have let my fear keep me from participating. That said, I have been working and will continue to work to lean into that discomfort in order to grow. Singing last night was one way I am moving in that direction! 2) I have a lot of anxiety about posting imperfect things on the internet -- because the internet is forever. This clip is imperfect. I am imperfect. I hear and grimace at all the mistakes (even after editing out a part where I entered early on a "creative" pitch. lol.) But, it occurs to me, if I wait until I am perfect, I will never sing in public or post anything ever. And that is sad. That is letting the fear win. So, this (both the singing and the posting) is a small kick-in-the-pants to my old perfectionist way of living, to the voice in my head that says I am inadequate, to living small and quiet and hidden. Thank you, Brene Brown, for giving me a vocabulary to talk about all of this. This is leaning into #courage #vulnerability #thegiftsofimperfection #daringgreatly #iamworthyofloveandbelongingrightnowasiamnow #goodenough I write all of that now because I know I am not the only one fighting this fight. (you are not alone). And because admitting behind-the-scenes feelings feels authentic and good and a way to be human even on social media. <3 Love and peace, friends.

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