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Mindy's Bio

I grew up north of Dallas in McKinney, Texas. My love affair with music began before I was born, quite literally. My mom recounts (in a story that I love) that when she was pregnant with me and standing in church singing hymns, I would kick and jump around in utero whenever the music played. It wasn't long after I started speaking that I started singing -- usually just to myself -- and it wasn't long after I learned to read and write that I started writing poems. I was a quiet kid, but singing and writing were always two ways I felt comfortable expressing myself.


After attending a small private school in McKinney for 10 years (with a high school graduating class of 22 people!) I was amazed to be accepted into Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. At Vanderbilt I had the wonderful opportunity to earn a liberal arts degree with concentrations in English, History, and Music, graduating in 2010 summa cum laude. After college, I stayed in Nashville to try my hand at songwriting and to learn more about the music business. While taking songwriting classes, I interned with the independent music publishing company, Bug Music (now part of BMG), and rehearsed as an actor for a new country musical "One Kiss Cafe."


After "One Kiss Cafe," I moved back to the Dallas area and focused my creative energies on performing musical theatre. This is now my favorite thing! I love musicals! I love the story-telling, I love the music, I love how each production combines so many art forms at once, and I love the community that is built with every show. I frequently act with regional companies in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, sing in concert settings, and lend my voice to studio projects -- commercial and personal. I am truly grateful to be able to pursue something I love at a high level in Dallas while also being close to my family and to the community in which I grew up.


As I get older, I am also increasingly passionate about mental health and how making art can be a valuable tool for healing. I see artistic work as an essential way we stay in touch with our creative spirits (and our sense of play!) as humans. I recently finished my master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at The University of North Texas, and am now a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (LPC-A) seeing clients at Bright Space Therapy (locations in Dallas and Plano) under the supervision of Katie Nix. As I further immerse myself in this work, I continue to be amazed at the powerful ways art, mental health, self-expression, spirituality, and community intersect!


You can find info about my work as a counselor and book appointments with me at:  It would be my honor to connect with you as a coach or counselor. 


Enough about me. Tell me about you.... I would love to connect!!

Mindy's Photos

Music Theater and Vocals

Vandy Theater
sound of music sing
sound of music scared
sound of music pray
Sound of music dance
sound of music close up me
Role of Della
Rehearsal 1
Orchestra Rehearsal
Move Over Mrs Markham
Josh Groban backup AA Center Dallas
Footloose 2
Fiddler on the Roof
Eclipse 8
Christmas Chorus 2
Christmas Chorus
Dorothy Competition Winner
Eclipse 9
sound of music scared
Sound of music dance
Mindy Fair 3
Footloose 2
Coca Cola State Fair Mindy

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Photo Shoots

Mindy Bell 1579z
Smile for you
Photonik 1 websize
photonik 3 websize
Mindy Bell 1535z
Mindy Bell 1579z
Head Shot 5
Blue Eyes
Uptown Dallas
Head Shot Black White
B W Photo Shoot
Black White Saunter
Black White Fun


Vandy Fun
The Hills are Alive
Texas Flowers
The Graduate
Mindy's Scotland Education, Edinburgh
Mindy in Scotland with Cousin William Wallace
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